Horizontal & Vertical Services

Icomm Infoservices has amassed an impressive list of strategic partners that satisfy the precise needs and requirements of our customers. These requests are met through a consultative approach where our expert staff offers the best recommendations to create the ideal solution.

Icomm’s range of horizontal & vertical services include:

  • Business Continuity Planning:
    Includes a continuity plan to communicate in the case of emergency.
  • Remote I.T. Solutions:
    Our exclusive partnerships with various I.T. hardware & software partners will make sure your business goals are met with the ideal solution.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM):
    MDM considerations are important in today’s environment where mobile communication, mobile security and mobile functionality are a priority for any successful business. Our MDM service not only improves the quality of the voice productivity, but also helps in reducing the day-to-day operational costs.
  • Custom Application Development:
    For the line of business ;This has increased nearly ten times as compared to the because of the deep proliferation of the mobile network.This is because of the data requirement at various levels for various needs so as to have improved data accuracy and accuracy in reporting as well as convenience of mobile solutions.

Your goals. Our solutions.

The Icomm professional group helps the companies to define the goals and objectives and accordingly helps the companies to design the products suiting their requirements and in a way helping the company to easily achieve their solution requirements leading them to their goals.